What is a Reach Truck?

Reach trucks are the perfect solution for those that need to get down narrow aisles or those who want to make their warehouse more space-efficient by narrowing their aisles. A Double Reach model are equipped to pull and store pallets two-deep. 
Reach trucks can lift to 30 feet high and are capable of lifting 2,500 – 4,500 lbs. All models can also be equipped with height indicators, lasers, and camera systems to help operators avoid product or racking damage and see exactly where their forks are.

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Like a forklift, operators need safety training to operate a Reach Stacker. If you’d like information on getting them certified call or write to us today!

What is a Walkie Stacker?

Walkie Stackers are the go-to solution if you need something a little more powerful and functional than an electric pallet jack, but don’t need all the functionality of a forklift. Our walkie stackers can handle up 4,000 pounds and to reach heights of up to 189″, but modifications to capacity can generally be made by the Toyota factory. 

A Walkie Stacker is the best option when you need to lift to or above a second level, need to move product to and from a staging area, or just have a lighter duty operation. A stacker is a very economical choice over a forklift. Common applications are staging areas of warehouses, retail stock rooms, manufacturing production lines, lighter-duty warehouses, automotive parts stores, and manufacturing production lines.

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Electric Stacker

What is an order picker?

Ever wonder what an order picker is used for? Imagine a warehouse with 1000’s of different SKUs. An order comes in, then another, then another. You need to get 3 different boxes located at opposite ends of the warehouse and get them into fulfilling as fast as possible because new orders are coming in all the time. You could get pallets down with forklifts, get what you need off the pallet, put the pallet back, take your item to fulfillment and repeat the process over and over again… OR you could use an order picker. With an order picker, you’re able to go to where each item is in the warehouse, raise yourself to the level of the item, hand pick it, and repeat the process. This saves a LOT of time in the fulfillment process. And saving time in the fulfillment process reduces warehouse operating costs. Because operators rise with order pickers, safety harnesses are an absolute requirement to ensure safety to your operators. Order pickers can rise upwards of 30 feet!

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