Goods-to-Person and Automation Order Fulfillment


Meet your Throughput Demand

Many companies are struggling to keep up with the increase in throughput demand from the current eCommerce trends. Companies are turning to automation to meet their increase in demand. Goods-to-Person is a popular solution to automate order fulfillment. Goods-to-Person systems provide facilities with an accurate and ergonomic picking process. Products are transported directly to operators eliminating wasteful travel time and reducing human picking errors. These systems are easily scalable and decrease the space required in facilities.

Goods-to-person Automation

Goods-to-Person Case Study: Puma

PUMA implemented a Goods-to-Person system to meet same-day fulfillment and seasonal demands.

Automated Warehouse Conveyor

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Conveyor systems allow customers to fulfill orders on-time and accurately. These systems have the capability to convey pallets or individual products. Increase efficiency by reducing the number of touches required to move products through your warehouse.

Automated Conveyor System

ZiPline Conveyor System

The ZiPline Conveyor is the most advanced line of conveyors available. These conveyors are designed to increase productivity using proven automation software and high-quality material. This is a cost-effective solution that has been molded from decades of research and development. These systems are easy to install, quiet, and energy-efficient. 

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