Warehouse Automation

Automated warehouse solutions are the best option if your goal is to achieve a dramatic increase in productivity and a reduction in operation costs. If you desire to become a leader in your industry, you need to invest in warehouse automation. We are ready to help you schedule a meeting with a team of highly experienced engineers, who are trained to analyze and fix problems in any facility. All of our automated warehouse solutions are designed to not only reduce errors and problems but also quickly allow you to have a return on your investment.

Toyota Material Handling and Bastian Solutions have partnered so we can offer you the best material handling systems integration possible. This is a partnership that is designed to support our customers in a new era of material handling.

Bastian Solutions

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Industrial Robotics

Pick-to-Place and Case Packing

Bastian Solutions has created a high-speed pick and place solution that automatically inspects for quality control, fast and accurate packing, or rapid sortation. 


  • Automates fast-moving conveyor process
  • Improves productivity and product quality
  • Provides high-speed output 
  • Reduces cost by eliminating fixtures

End of Arm Tool

Robotic end of arm tools will precisely handle products and automate the palletizing or depalletizing process. There are multiple configurations available that will meet the needs of any application. 


  • Handles products gently
  • Reduces production costs
  • Reduces ergonomic issue

Pallet Assembly and Disassembly

Robotic pallet assembly and disassembly solutions use the latest technology and are customized depending on the customer’s specific application. Achieve automatic pallet building and depalletizing with Bastian Solutions products.

Palletizing solutions include:

  • Case Palletizing
  • Bag Palletizing
  • Robotic Depalletizing
  • Scrap Metal Palletizing
  • Mixed Load Palletizing
  • Battery Palletizing

Conveyor Sorting Systems

Automated Conveyor System

Automated Warehouse Conveyor Sorting Types:

Bastian Solutions has designed solutions that can select individual items from a conveyor line and place them in the correct shipping receptacles. Pick and place robots in the Bastian Solutions product line can even pick as quickly as 300 picks per minute. 

  • Sortation conveyors: used to separate products into specific destination areas for better distribution and productivity. These are ideal for moving products of varying weights and sizes.
  • Merge conveyors: Used to arrange products flowing from multiple lines of infeed conveyor by combining multiple product lines into a single stream for further processing downstream.
  • Gapping Belt Induction conveyors: Used to adjust gaps between products on a conveyor line. This allows for easy sorting and scanning.
  • Accumulation conveyors: Used for transporting and accumulating cartons or unit loads so they are efficiently queued and fed into sorting, wrapping, palletizing, strapping, or various other processes.

ZiPline Conveyor System

The ZiPline Conveyor is the most advanced line of conveyors available. These conveyors are designed to increase productivity using proven automation software and high-quality material. This is a cost-effective solution that has been molded from decades of research and development.

ZiPline Conveyors boasts a modular design, giving it maximum flexible, unlimited combinations, and easy install. The modular design makes it possible to meet the needs of every customer.

Automated Warehouse Picking Systems


With Goods-to-person order fulfillment technology products are moved directly to operators, who pick what is required to fill orders. These systems are designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the picking process.

Automated Voice Picking

Voice Picking

Voice picking is the order picking solution used in operations where a large number of SKUs exist. This solution is easy to learn and allows the operator’s hands and eyes to remain free, helping them remain focus on their task. Operators are given a mobile device, headset, and an optional barcode scanner. 


A Pick-to-Light uses a light-directed picking system that provides clear fulfillment instructions. This is an easy to learn, accurate, and efficient method of picking or sorting products.

Automated Picking System

Put to Light

This solution is used to assist in the replenishment of stock. Lights are mounted on shelving or racking to direct operators’ actions. An operator will scan the container’s barcode on an inbound container and the system will turn lights on and display the appropriate quantity for the order.

Put Wall

This solution is used to handle a large volume of orders in a small area. A Put Wall is designed to be a paperless process that will increase efficiency and order accuracy. A wall of compartments and light indicators are used to represent different customer orders. Operators are directed by the lights until the order is filled.

RF Handheld Scanner

RF Handheld Scanners

This mobile platform provides operators access to information needed to keep the warehouse operating smoothly.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Automated Warehouse System

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are specifically made to fit the productivity needs of your operation. These systems help you move whole pallets or achieve high-velocity movement.

  • Unit Load: Moves standard unit loads. Ideal for high-density storage spaces with high throughput.
  • Mini Load: Used in narrow aisles to deliver retried items to a single, first-level point.
  • Pallet Shuffle: Used to move palletized goods to specific warehouse locations.

These systems allow you to expand the overall storage space in facilities. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems eliminate the need for wide aisle spacing and reduce the space needed for forklifts. Operations will be able to streamline processes and manage better when demand is high.

Automated Industrial Control Systems

Do you want full access and an understanding of operations and facilities managers as they begin to integrate automation? Our Industrial Control Devices are used to monitor, adjust, and maintain both the automated and manual aspects of your equipment and operational processes. 

Human Machine Interface (HMI): Get connected to your system with a Human Machine Interface. An HMI helps monitor and control a conveyor system using 3-D screens and alarm systems that will help you pinpoint the exact location where an emergency stop device has been activated. Get real-time system status, shipping/sortation statistics, and energy monitoring.

Custom Panel: Get custom made panels to keep your costs down. We partner with Bastian Solutions who will build panels needed to make a new system function efficiently. 

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