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Take a look at different ways we have helped our customer improve their facilities. 

Edge of Dock Leveler Install

View this Edge of Dock Leveler with a custom 4-inch riser. This custom riser allows the customer to use their existing dock and also achieve the desired height of 48 inches.

Door Seal, Truck Restraint, and Hydraulic leveler Install

Our team installed four new hydraulic levelers, truck restraints, and foam door seals. These upgrades improved the safety and efficiency of our customer's facility.


These Hydraulic Dock Levelers are extremely reliable and easy to use. The models used in this project boast a capacity of up to 30,000 lbs.


We provided a customer with new high-quality pallet racking to help optimize their warehouse space and increase their bulk storage capacity.

Dock Seal Install

We provided a customer with three new dock seals that have been designed with the highest quality tear and abrasion-resistant fabrics and ultra-resilient high-density foam materials. These seals reduce energy costs and improve safety and productivity.

Dock Shelter Install

Our customer required a solution that could provide them a safer warehouse as well as protect their products from harsh weather. We gave them a new Dock Shelter that boasts a durable frame construction and memory foam core.

Mechanical Edge of Dock Leveler Install

We installed a Mechanical Edge of Dock Leveler for a customer who needed an easy to use and reliable option for their dock. These levelers have premium features such as Spring Assist, laminated loading dock bumpers, and an integral maintenance strut.

Dock Shelter Install

We installed a high-quality NORDOCK® dock shelter for a customer who needed to improve safety in their facility. NORDOCK® products provide ultimate protection and are extremely versatile.

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