Loading Dock Products

Dock Levelers

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Pit Style Levelers

Pit Style levelers from are reliable, easy to use, and guaranteed to deliver high-level performance. The Pit Style levelers are available in mechanical, hydraulic, or air-powered.

Dock Leveler Edge Mount

Edge of Dock Levelers

Edge Mount levelers are an economical option for facilities that don’t have space for a pit-style dock leveler. These levelers are available in either push-button hydraulic or mechanical models.

    Seals & Shelters

    Dock Door Seals

    Dock Seals

    Dock seals reduce energy costs, improve safety, and productivity. They are built with tear restraint fabrics and ultra-resilient high-density foam so they can perform for a long time under the harshest condition.

    Warehouse loading dock door shelter

    Dock Shelters

    Dock shelters provide high-level protection to dock environments. The durable frame and foam core keep dock areas weather tight and safe for years.

    Vehicle Restraints

    vehicle restraints Truck

    SMART-HOOK Series

    The NORDOCK® SMART-HOOK® Series are automatic restraints that prevent early departures and trailer creep. The large rotating hook secures trailers with 32,000 lbs. of restraining force and 100,000 lbs. of mounting force.

    Non-Impact Truck Restraint

    Non-Impact Vehicle Restraints

    Non-Impact vehicle restraints are offered in both manual and automatic models. All models provide a safe loading experience, easy installation, and are extremely durable.

    Tractor Tailor Truck Restraint wheel restraint

    Wheel Restraint Models

    Wheel Restraints are a cost-effective solution for restraining trucks. Archive a high level of safety with an easy-to-use product.