Warehouse Products

Improve your warehouse with new storage and handling equipment

You can relay on ToyotaLift to get your warehouse or loading docks upgraded or even set up for the first time. We have a huge product offering so we can have the capability of making improvements to any warehouse. Contact us to help increase your productivity and efficiency by showing you how to utilize your warehouse space. 

What we can do for you

Pallet Racking

We can get your organization fitted with any style of pallet racking like cantilever, drive-in, carton flow, pallet flow, and pushback systems.

Loading Docks

We offer door seals, restraints, and levers from NORDOCK Inc. These products are designed to keep your company safe and efficient.

We will consult with you on your warehouse product needs

Set Up a Consultation

We have highly trained consultants ready to help you figure out what warehouse products will increase your efficiency, productivity, and safety.


We make sure your new warehouse equipment gets install safely and efficiently. Improper installations can be extremely dangerous, we make sure your company can avoid this.

Why is it important to invest in better warehouse equipment?

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Improve your operation

Investing in your warehouse products will increase many metrics that are important to any organization. The right products will improve things like energy consumption, safety, storage capacity, inventory control, and warehouse efficiency.

Protect your products

Products like door seals, shelters, and levelers are designed to protect your products from the elements while loading or unloading as well as improve efficiency and energy consumption.

Warehouse Space Planning 101

Don’t waste space and money with an unplanned or poorly planned warehouse. Learn these four tips to get you started on the right path to warehouse efficiency. 

  1. Choose the right storage system
  2. Run racking long-ways in a rectangular warehouse
  3. Use all vertical space
  4. Slot pallets for maximum accessibility  
    Warehouse pallet racking wire decking

    Pallet Racking Products

    Improve your operation with new pallet racking. Our goal is to make sure your operation is as safe and efficient as it can be. Upgrading your pallet racking system can improve your storage capacity, increase warehouse safety, and enhance inventory control.

    We offer the following accessories for racking products:

    • Wire decking
    • Post protectors
    • Safety panels and straps
    • Row spacers and wall ties
    • And more

    Ready to talk to our warehouse solutions expert?

    Our experts are here to help you determine your company’s exact warehouse needs.

    Dock Products

    Investing in dock products can save you hundreds of dollars a year per dock position from the loss of heating and air conditioning. Dock products also help keep trucks secure during loading and unloading, increasing safety. We offer NORDOCK products because they are designed to outperform their competitors and are made from high-quality materials. 

    NORDOCK makes the following products:

    • Vehicle restraints
    • Door seals and shelters
    • Dock levelers
    Dock Door Seal

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    Past Projects

    View our past projects that have improved our customer’s safety, productivity, and reduced energy costs.