Truck Restraints: The Skinny

Truck restraints are a very convenient way to satisfy the OSHA requirement that something prevent trailer creep. Trailer creep is when the repeated trips over the dock leveler into the trailer with a forklift (or similar piece of industrial equipment) slowly nudges the trailer further and further from the dock until a gap appears and, worst case scenario, the truck drops through the gap and the operator faces serious injury. 
The least one can do to satisfy that requirement is to purchase and employ a wheel chock. A wheel chock is a triangle shaped “block” that the dock operator has to manually place in front of the back set of wheels of the trailer. They can work well but are very inconvenient for the operator and the truck driver.
A truck restraint automates this process for operators, is more reliable and a safer option. There are different kinds of truck restraints available. There are ones where as the truck backs up, the ICC bar depresses the restraint and when in the proper position, pops up and locks the truck in place. Others involve a hooking “wand” if you will that engages when the dock operator presses a button on the docks control panel which is generally located inside the building. This functionality can be wired into existing dock leveler control panels as long as they are interlock capable.

To increase the reliability of your dock safety and the comfort of your operators, consider truck restraints!