The Forklift, A Fully Customizable Productivity Machine

Ah, the forklift. A machine that’s been around for more than 100 years. Something many people don’t know is that those 100-plus years have led to enormous amounts of innovation which has resulted in innumerable customization possibilities. 

The exact attachments and modifications that will make your forklift the most productive and efficient it can will be depending on what your application calls for. There are too many options to list here in a post but lets consider a few case studies.

There’s RUAN & DC Logistics. They worked with their Toyota dealer to have an integrated electric scale added to their electric pallet jacks. This feature allows RUAN to capture accurate weight totals on battery loads, which greatly increase the productivity of their operations as they can weigh the batteries at the same time of transporting them without having to move them to a scale and then to their final destination.

There’s also the case of Cohen Recycling, who recycles scrap metals, & electronic items. They have needs for attachments that shift pallets and loads left and right, grip and grab cylindrical loads, & turn loads upside-down so some of their forklifts have a sideshifter,  barrel clamps, & a rotator respectively. 

The options are far beyond what these case study subjects needed and options that will increase your business’ productivity and efficiency can be discussed with your local Toyota Dealer.