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* Offer valid for current ToyotaLift Northeast customers, referring new commercial customers in ToyotaLift Northeast’s serviceable locations. Services not available in all areas. The program participant must obtain the referred customer’s permission to submit a referral on their behalf and to be contacted by phone or email by ToyotaLift Northeast and its authorized representatives. Referral must be submitted within 5 business days of the new customer coming into contact with our sales team. New Toyotalift Northeast customers with multiple locations of the same business/company will be considered as one referral and program participants will be eligible for one referral award only for such referrals.  All referring organizations are limited to a max of five referrals, any more than five will not count towards rewards. Newly referred customers must complete a purchase of a new Toyota Material Handling product, within 90 days of referral. To be eligible for award, date of referral submission must be prior to a contract signature of the referred customer. The referred customer’s payment must be received prior to award being granted. If referred customer does not sign an agreement within 90 days of Toyotalift Northeast receiving the referral, the offer expires. Referral award is not valid if current customer’s account is not in good standing (determined by ToyotaLift Northeast), or if referred contact cancels purchase prior to delivery. ToyotaLift Northeast reserves the right to change or discontinue offer at any time. Reward payout is in the form of a $100 prepaid gift card and will be processed 4 to 6 weeks after referred customer’s order is paid for. Participants in any other ToyotaLift Northeast lead generating reward program, along with employees of Toyotalift Northeast and its respective affiliates, and the immediate family members of all such employees and all others with whom they are domiciled, are not eligible to participate in this program for referring a customer, being referred as a customer, or otherwise. Other restrictions apply. Services provided by ToyotaLift Northeast. © 2020 ToyotaLift Northeast. All rights reserved.