Ports, Rail Yards, No Job is Too Big For Our Trucks

Shipping containers require special equipment to get the job done right and in a timely manner. Toyota’s line of THD (Toyota Heavy Duty) equipment is designed to give you the max lift potential for any types. Ports and rail yards across America are busy with loading and unloading everyday, and we have the equipment to help you get the job done right!

Empty Container Handler

The Empty Container Handler  saves space and cost with a stacking height of up to eight containers. These special trucks provide fast lifting cycles, and feature a single joystick with multi-function control for the operator. With 15,000-19,800 lbs. lift capacity these trucks can lift a variety of container sizes.

Loaded Container Handler 

These Loaded Container Handlers do the real heavy lifting on the docks and in rail yards, with a 75,000-90,000 lbs. lift capacity. Our loaded handler can stack up to six containers high, at a lift speed of 47 Feet Per Minute (FPM). These trucks provide excellent stability when lifting and moving with a loaded container.

Reach Stacker Container Handler

The Reach Stacker Container Handler is the “do it all” of THD trucks, with third row reach ability. These trucks can stack up to five containers in height, and come equipped with an inclination and optical distance sensor to assist the operator. The max lift capacity increases from the third row out, 68,000 max for the third row, 90,000 max for the second, and 99,000 max for the first. From loading to unloading, this truck has you covered.