Shipping Port Equipment

Heavy-Duty Forklifts

Toyota offers high-quality, heavy-duty forklifts designed specifically for shipping ports and rail yards. Toyota’s line of THD (Toyota Heavy Duty) equipment is ready to perform every day and give owners the peace of mind that their equipment will not fail when they need it the most. Shipping containers require special equipment to handle safely and efficiently. THD is designed to give you maximum lifting capabilities and efficiency. Ports and rail yards across America are busy with loading and unloading every day, and we have the equipment to help you get the job done right.

Toyota’s heavy-duty equipment are powered by Cummins diesel engines and Dana transmissions. Cummins and Dana are both known for their durability and reliability. THD equipment features self-diagnostics and a hydraulic multi-gauge, making diagnosing issues simple and fast. With Toyota, container handling is made easy with intuitive joysticks that control all hydraulic functions.

Toyota Container Handler
Toyota Heavy Duty Reach Stacker

Reach Stacker Container Handler 

The Reach Stacker Container Handler is the “do it all” of THD trucks, with third-row reachability. These trucks can stack up to five containers in height, and come equipped with an inclination and the optical distance sensor to assist the operator. The max lift capacity increases from the third row out, 68,000 lb. max for the third row, 90,000 lb. max for the second, and 99,000 lb. max for the first row.

  • 99,000 lb. (50 ton) Lifting Capacity
  • Reach Depth of 3 Rows
  • Stacks up to 5 Containers High
  • Cummins® 8.9L Turbo Diesel Engine
Heavy-Duty Reach stacker

Loaded Container Handler 

Toyota’s Loaded Container Handler boasts a lifting capacity of 90,000 lbs. and the ability to stack six containers high. This container handler is a stable option for rugged applications and popular in ports, terminals, and shipping yards.

  • 90,000 lb. (45 ton) Lifting Capacity
  • 47 FPM Lifting Speed
  • Stacks Up to 6Containers High
  • Travels up to 20 MPH with a full load
  • Cummins® 8.9L Turbo Diesel Engine

Empty Container Handler 

Toyota’s Empty Container Handler provides a fast lighting cycle, high stacking capability, and reduce freight costs. This heavy-duty solution is designed to be easy to operate and move product containers safely and efficiently. 

  • 19,800 lb. (10 ton) Lifting Capacity
  • Stacks Up to 8 Containers High
  • Travels up to 25 MPH
  • Cummins® 6.7L Turbo Diesel Engine
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High Capacity Forklift

High-Capacity IC Pneumatic Forklift

The High-Capacity IC Pneumatic Forklift is the largest forklift Toyota makes. This diesel forklift can lift up to 125,000 lbs., making it the ideal solution for extremely heavy outdoor applications. These forklifts are commonly used to handle large shipping containers or on construction sites.

  • 22,000-125,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Cummins® 6.7L or 8.9L Turbo Diesel Engine 
  • Enclosed Operator Cabin
Toyota High Capacity Large IC Cushion Forklift

High-Capacity Large IC Cushion Forklift

Toyota’s High-Capacity Large IC Cushion Forklift is the ideal forklift for heavy lifting indoors. These forklifts are capable of lifting up to 100,00 lbs. These forklifts are perfect when handling paper rolls, raw materials, and steel. 

  • 25,000-100,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • 65 FPM Lifting Speed
  • Travels up to 9.7 MPH
  • 5.7L V8 Engine
  • 3 Forward and 3 Reverse Speeds

Toyota High Capacity Electric Forklift

High-Capacity Electric Cushion Forklift

The High-Capacity Electric Cushion Forklift is ready to take on the toughest indoor challenges. Achieve peace of mind with Toyota’s engine protection system, which protects the engine and regulates performance.

  • 18,000-22,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • 48″ Hook-Type Forks
  • Drum-Type Brakes
  • Travels up to 14.3 MPH
  • 4.3L V6 Engine
Toyota Large IC Forklift

Large IC Pneumatic Forklift

Toyota’s Large IC Pneumatic Forklifts are built with quality, durability, and reliability in mind.  Toyota Pneumatic Forklifts can easily travel over asphalt and gravel making it the perfect large forklift for outdoor applications.

  • 13,500-17,500 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • 81 FPM Lifting Speed
  • 11.8 MPH Travel Speed with Full Load
  • 2-Speed Transmission
Toyota Electric Forklifts

Full Toyota Forklift Line

Toyota designs forklifts with safety, comfort, productivity, and efficiency in mind. With Toyota, you will receive legendary quality, durability, and reliability. Toyota offers solutions or any material handling need, see list for full Toyota line up.

  • IC Cushion Forklifts
  • IC Pneumatic Forklifts
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Pallet Jacks and Stackers
  • Reach Trucks


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