Beverage Industry

Material Handling Equipment Designed for the Beverage Industry.

Toyota’s material handling equipment provides much-needed efficiency and productivity in the beverage industry. Beverage products require a lot of handling and reliable equipment to end up in a customer’s shopping cart. Toyota has products that will help you efficiently get the product from the bottling stage to the customer. Contact us if you need help finding the proper equipment for your facility.

Toyota Products for the Beverage Industry

Toyota Electric Pallet Jack

Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

The Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jack is ideal for mid-distance warehouse traveling and unloading or loading trailers. These are truly a multi-use solution allowing your staff to be as efficient as possible. The Electric Walkie Pallet jack is highly maneuverable and has a carrying capacity of up to 4,500 lbs.

  • 4,500 lb. Load Capacity
  • IP65-Rated Electrical System
  • Integrated Fork Scale (optional)
  • Click on Creep Function
Walkie Stacker forklift

Walkie Stacker

The Toyota Walkie Stacker is designed to increase uptime in your indoor application. With the ability to adjust its base legs to fit various aisle widths and pallet sizes, it’s the perfect fit for those that need a flexible and budget-friendly option.

  • 2,000-2,500 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • 12 ft. Max Lift Height
  • Electric Disc Brakes
  • AC-Powered

Walkie Reach Truck

The Toyota Walkie Reach Truck is designed for lower-output warehouse operations and can even replace a full-size reach truck in certain applications. These versatile machines can easily navigate down narrow aisles, helping your operation become more efficient and safe.

  • 3,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • 15 ft. Max Lift Height
  • 96 in. Aisle Accessibility
  • Programmable Drive System
Toyota Stand up rider

Stand-up Rider Forklift

The Toyota Stand Up Rider Forklift can navigate narrow aisles with ease. The Stand-Up Rider is designed to be a multi-purpose forklift offering high performance, great ergonomic controls, and superior reliability.

  • 3,000-4,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • 23 ft. Max Lift Height
  • 10 ft. Aisle Accessibility
  • 36-Volt AC Motor

Forklift Attachments For the Beverage Industry

Multiple Load Handlers

Cascade has designed its multiple load handlers forklift attachment for the bottling, brewing, production, and warehouse/shipping industries. Move more cases, bottles, or kegs with this attachment.

Keg Handlers

The Keg Handler forklift attachment is a safe and efficient option for breweries, distributors, or warehouses. Handle either 18 full barrel kegs or 36 empty barrel kegs.

Wine Barrel Handlers

The Wine Barrel Handler Forklift attachment allows forklift operators to  easily grab wine barrels in narrow aisles, thanks to the 180-degree swinging fork assembly. This attachment gently cradles barrels and comes with rollers to assist in the manual spinning barrels for mixing.


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