In this article you”ll learn:

  • The uses and Tuggers and their benefits
  • The different types of Tugger models we offer 

How Tuggers Can Help Airports Thrive

Serving customers is top of mind for any business. At airports, things move quickly and clients are in a rush to get to their destination. Therefore, having material handling equipment that increases productivity is essential. That’s where Motrec Tuggers can help!


One of the main advantages of using a Tugger is that it carries bags across the terminal quickly. Tuggers can also transport other materials:

  • Baggage carts

  • Catering equipment

  • Retail roll cages 

  • Ground handling equipment

  • Plane loading stairs 

Tuggers help simplify everyday operations like baggage transfer, departure gate services, and loading and unloading cargo. This way, you can keep customers smiling and lines moving quickly. 


One of the key benefits of Tuggers is they movie baggage quickly, saving time and increasing productivity. They allow operators to carry multiple loads, keeping departures running on time. Tuggers are excellent for moving awkward or heavy baggage. Their narrow framework allows employees to maneuver crowded spaces easily. 


With more efficient equipment, companies can repurpose employees for other tasks and save costs. The increased efficiency allows employees to focus on more important tasks such as customer service. Along with increased productivity Tuggers can improve safety. They can prevent operator fatigue and back pain. 

Types of Tuggers

There are also a few different types of Tuggers that Motrec offers. The variety allows you to find the right piece of equipment based on your needs. Here are a few models to consider:


• Burden carriers- These include features like a steel body, ergonomic driver compartment, high-efficiency direct drive motor, and automatic electromagnetic brake.


Benefits: The durability of this carrier protects your equipment against harsh outdoor elements. Also, having a more comfortable interior is key for longer holiday shifts. 


• Tow tractors– These pieces of equipment are narrower and require less maintenance. They include an AC motor, automatic parking brake, upgraded suspension, 360° visibility, and an anti-fatigue mat. 


Benefits: Having a narrower frame is important in crowded airport settings, and automatic braking promotes safety with people rushing around. 


• Personnel carries– These are easily maneuverable, move around quickly, and have greater visibility.


Benefits: These features help increase turnaround times, durability, and safety during operations. 


 Stock chasers- This equipment is great for heavier operations and can tow up to 6,000 lbs. and carry up to 1,750 lbs. It has a 59′′ deck, dual front wheels, a short turning radius, light touch controls, a padded backrest, and low-step entry.


Benefits: These features help operators maintain control when navigating tight spaces and carrying bulky items.

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Using Tuggers can help improve your company’s bottom line and keep operations safe. They can help transport baggage easily and stay on top of consumer demand. They also come in a variety of models to fit your daily needs. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, reach out to your local dealer to learn more.