In this article, you”ll learn:

  • How Toyota provides excellent customer repair service 

Fully Stocked Vans: At Your Service

Trying to diagnose a forklift issue over the phone is like looking into a crystal ball more often than not. That’s why we have an enormous fleet of factory-certified technicians equipped with vans capable of handling a wide range of Toyota forklifts, aerial lifts, or other material-handling equipment issues.

 Once at your facility, our technicians will diagnose the issue facing your equipment and then determine what they need to fix it. The benefit of having fully-stocked vans with parts and equipment is that once they are on-site, the technicians will more likely than not be able to resolve your issue with what they have right on their van! 

Without the investment in fully-stocked vans, our technicians would be running around on the clock, sourcing parts and equipment and then have to return to your facility to complete the forklift repair. We don’t do that because we abide by a higher standard of material handling service!