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  • How fleet management systems can improve efficiency and safety 

Fleet Management Systems: Improving Your Bottom Line

Think of fleet management systems like your eyes, ears, and authority in action 24/7. They can automatically shut down forklifts being abused, automate the OSHA checklist, capture proof of who is responsible for accidents, and report vital utilization information.

forklift fleet management program on a tablet is being reviewed next to a Toyota forklift

Saving Money for Your Business in Five Ways

1. Captures Proof of Accident Responsibility

With individual operator log-on technology, managers will know who is driving what lift, and when they are driving it. If an accident occurs, managers will immediately know where it happened and who is responsible. An operator who knows that they will be responsible for anything that happens to equipment that they operate has proven to reduce accidents as a deterrent factor.

2. Uses Planned Maintenance 

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew when a Toyota forklift needed maintenance before it went down? That’s what fleet management systems can provide.
Vehicle management systems can give you information regarding fleet optimization. Do you have the right number of forklifts, the right types of forklifts, etc.?

3. Reduces Accidents

The accident reduction feature of this technology will also save you money. Operators will adjust their driving habits to conform to the new system – knowing that operators are monitoring their performance.

4. Determines Exact Utilization Figures

With a fleet management system, you will know exactly how often your forklifts are being used and if they are operating in the right location/application. Fleet management systems provide access to an online portal, allowing you to view detailed information about your fleet and its application. This will help you to determine if certain forklifts are being over/underused and then allocate resources accordingly.

5. Automates the OSHA Checklist

Fleet Management Systems will automate the OSHA checklist for you and store it in the online portal. This means you will no longer need to dedicate filing cabinets for storage of the checklists, nor will you need to worry about the accuracy of the results. If a forklift fails inspection, it will not be allowed to be used by an operator.

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