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    • How to maintain your forklift 
    • Ways to keep operators safe

Winter is Coming, Are Your Lift Trucks Prepared?

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With the cold winter months closing in on us it’s time to check that your equipment and workers are prepared. The cold takes its toll on everything from the machines to those operating them. It is important you take the necessary steps to winterize your forkilift and assue it makes it throught e cold months..

1. Batteries

When dealing with cold weather, battery-powered forklifts are put to the test time after time. Try to avoid using your battery-powered forklift in the cold for long periods, or at all if you can use an internal combustion truck. If the IC route isn’t an option, be sure to have your currently used batteries fully charged and keep spares fully charged, as well, to avoid unnecessary downtime. During the winter, electric forklifts could experience a 25-50% decrease in cycle times.

2. Antifreeze and Oil

Be sure to drain out the old anti-freeze and dump in new, fresh anti-freeze for the new season. This is a practice that should be done yearly regardless, but it is very important to get done before the winter months. Not just anti-freeze, but oil too! Go the extra mile with your oil, and give your lift trucks “winter weight” oil. These measures will ensure your trucks are running smoothly in the chilly winter elements.

3. Tire treads and pressure

Throughout the winter, you’ll want to check your tire pressure weekly. Not only the pressure, but you need to be aware of the tread depth for your outdoor pneumatic tires. In certain cases, special equipment may be necessary to prevent accidents in winter weather conditions. If you want to find out more about what you can do to prepare your tires, read this short article.

4. Enclose the operator compartment

Enclosing the operator’s compartment protects your controls and operators from the elements. Chilly weather can add extra wear and tear to the controls within the operator compartment. It is also important to keep your operators safe on the job and give them added protection from the freezing temperatures. 

You might still have some questions on how you can best prepare your Toyota forklifts for the winter. Feel free to contact our knowledgeable team with any questions or concerns you might still have!