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How the New Toyota Assist Can Improve Your Forklift Operations

At Toyota, we aim to increase the safety and productivity of your operations. This is where technology, such as Toyota Assist, comes into play. Here are some of Toyota Assists’ key features.

SEnS & SEnS+ Sensor

The Smart Environment Sensor (SEnS) helps you safely transfer products in a warehouse by detecting the difference between pedestrians and objects. This helps forklift operators navigate through narrow aisles and tight spaces. It also provides alarms at three distinct levels for increased safety. 

 The SEnS+ sensor will slow down the forklift when it senses an obstacle. You can use dynamic zoning to detect objects based on speed and steering direction. The SEnS Sensor can identify objects up to 32 feet away helping to keep pedestrians out of harm’s way.

360-Degree Camera

Backing up in tight aisles requires a 360-degree view. The 360-degree camera that is part of the Toyota Assist technology makes this easier. It allows the operator to check for obstructions from any angle. It also has an LCD screen to provide useful performance and maintenance data.

System of Active Stability (SAS)

To work more efficiently, it is important to maintain control when making turns. The System of Active Stability (SAS) minimizes the chances of tip-over. It engages a swing-lock cylinder on the lift truck holding the rear steel axle in place and balancing the center of gravity. The Active Mast Function Control System is another innovative feature. When there is a risk of tip-over, it decreases the mast’s tilt speed to prevent product damage.

Besides safety, Toyota Assist can increase your comfort and efficiency. The EZ Fingertip Controls are in an easy-to-reach position, limiting operator fatigue. A horn and directional switch are in a convenient and comfortable position for the operator making change of direction simple and seamless.

The operator can conveniently keep one hand on the wheel and the other on the controls. You can also customize the levers to meet your operator’s needs.

See How We Can Help

Toyota Assist can keep your daily operations running smoothly. The SEnS & SEnS+ Sensor, System of Active Stability, and EZ Fingertips Controls all increase safety and efficiency. To learn how this technology can benefit your company, speak with your local Toyota dealer today.

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