Three Reasons to Adopt Warehouse Automation

We have reached an era where warehouse automation is a must for any operation that wants to be competitive and profitable. Warehouse automation will improve any organization’s accuracy, productivity, and profitability. Understandably, many businesses are not adopting automated technology despite these facts.

Reasons to Adopt Automation

If you say yes to these questions, you will need to keep reading about automation and consider contacting us to set up a consultation.

  1. Are Your Employees Struggling to Keep Up With Demand?
    If you notice that your designated receiving area is constantly full or often see a traffic jam at your loading docks, your employees may be struggling to keep up with demand.
  2. Do You Have High Labor Costs?
    Reducing labor costs provides a way to achieve a competitive advantage and increase profits. Labor expenses often represent the majority of a company’s overall labor costs. Automated warehouse solutions reduce labor costs by decreasing the time workers spend moving products or manually entering data.
  3. Do You Have a High Error Rate?
    No matter how well you design your training program, it’s impossible to eliminate human errors. You may even notice your most experienced employees making the occasional mistake. Mistakes are what make us human. Automation systems like AS/RS and pick-to-light systems will help reduce the occurrence of these human errors.

As previously mentioned, many businesses are not adopting warehouse automation. Adding automation to an existing operation is difficult and can seem like an impossible task. Automation can fix problems that are expensive and could be costing a company a lot more money than they realize. 

We put a list together of reasons that influenced companies to utilize automation in their operation.

  • Quick Return on Investment – With automation, you will immediately see reducing labor costs, improvement in fulfillment accuracy, and increased throughput.
  • Automation Will Improve Any Size Warehouse – Warehouse automation will benefit any warehouse, large or small.
  • Keep Your Staff – Adding automation doesn’t mean replacing your employees. You don’t have to layoff your current team after adding automation to your warehouse. Companies that add automation to their warehouses reassign employees to other areas of the operation that would benefit from the additional staff.

Popular Automation Solutions

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Automated Guided Vehicles are becoming a popular option in warehouses around the world. Popular AGVs are pallet trucks and tow tractors, which are self-guided and programmed to move pallets. AGVs are a reliable and efficient option that distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities are turning to ease labor shortages.

Automated Forklift Truck

Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems allows facilities to achieve high-velocity movement and can move whole pallets. AS/RS systems streamline processes and help manage high demand facilities. This automated solution enables companies to expand overall storage space, as they eliminate the need for wide aisles. AS/RS systems provide management with real-time data for accurate inventory counts.

Automated Warehouse System


Goods-to-person is a popular solution to automate order fulfillment. Goods-to-person systems automate storage and provide facilities with an accurate and ergonomic picking process that transports products directly to operators. These systems are easily scalable, eliminate wasteful travel time, reduces human picking errors, and decrease the space required in facilities.

automated warehouse systems


Pick-to-light is an automated picking system that provides an accurate and efficient picking process. The system uses lights to direct operators on what to pick for an order. A pick-to-light system is easy to learn, increases productivity, and improves picking accuracy

Automated Picking System

If you think automation is right for your company, read more about AGVs and other automated warehouse solutions that we offer.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

These vehicles are a great solution for repetitive tasks, high traffic areas, and places where there is a high-risk for product damage.

Warehouse Automation Solutions

Automated warehouse solutions are the best option if your goal is to achieve a dramatic increase in productivity and a reduction in operation costs.