Is a ForkLift Lease the Next Way To Stay Competitive?

If you find yourself in a highly competitive industry, you know the importance of adopting the latest technology while still remaining flexible. As your business grows, you might need a fleet of forklifts to keep up with demand. You may run into the downside that comes from owning equipment with aged technology. Companies that choose to lease will avoid getting stuck with out-of-date equipment that can hurt productivity. In the long run, this is how they are able to remain competitive.

Our customers who lease their forklifts get the benefit of upgrading to the latest technology from Toyota, reduce downtime, and preserve capital that can better be served to grow other areas within their company. These benefits are why the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation reported that 79% of businesses used at least one form of financing to acquire equipment.

Top 4 Advantages of Leasing A Forklift

  1. Planned Equipment Replacement – Leasing gives you the power to pick a short or long-term lease based on your operation’s needs. A short term lease allows companies to replace equipment faster, which is important to companies that have high throughput and quickly put more hours and wear on a forklift.
  2. Latest Features and Technology – Leasing forklifts allow operations to build fleets that have the latest technology. Keeping a rotating stock of new up-to-date forklifts will keep your facility productive and have the latest Toyota technology.
  3. Flexibility – Once a lease term is over, you have the benefit of quickly making adjustments to your fleet size, upgrade to a higher capacity model, or change terms. A lease will give you the flexibility to adjust your equipment to fit the direction your business needs to go.
  4. Lower Monthly Costs – Retain more cash by leasing. Lease payments are often lower compared to loan payments or renting the same model.

Additional Reasons to Lease a Forklift

  • Leasing will reduce the possibility of costly repairs from aging equipment.
  • Leasing a forklift allows you to pay very little to zero cash upfront.
  • Pay only for the hours the forklift gets used when leasing a forklift.
  • Leasing provides predictable monthly payments, which is ideal for companies facing uncertain future cash flow.

    All businesses expect to flourish, creating a need for change that will support that growth. As demands increase, it’s crucial to have a forklift fleet that can remain flexible and adapt to changes. Leasing forklifts allow for automatic and consistent replacement cycles that are determined by the lease terms that fit your growth plans the best.

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