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Read the latest from ToyotaLift Northeast. We put together guides and articles designed to educate our customers on all things related to forklifts and products used in warehouses.

The Benefits of Toyota Assist

At Toyota, we aim to increase the safety and productivity of your operations. This is where technology, such as Toyota Assist, comes into play.

Should you switch to Electric Forklifts?

Along with the rising demand for material handling equipment, the meteoric growth of electric forklifts is leading the way. Deciding if it's right for your business to make the switch to electric is a tough choice.

Opportunity Charging Forklift Batteries - What is it?

Warehouses are turning to opportunity charging to allow them to work more efficiently. The improvement of battery technology has allowed opportunity charging to become a common practice.

What Are The Advantages of Using Lithium-Ion Batteries for Forklifts?

Companies around the world are transitioning to alternative energy solutions such as lithium-ion batteries for forklifts. Learn the advantages of lithium

Toyota Remains The Number One Forklift in the World

Toyota is the number one forklift manufacturer in the world for 2019/2020.

MyToyota Store: Order Toyota Forklift Parts Online

Ordering forklift parts has never been easier. Learn how to order parts online using the MyToyota Store.

Three Reasons to Adopt Warehouse Automation

Learn why it's important to adopt automation in your warehouse operation

2020 Section 179 Tax Deduction

Learn all you need to know about the 2020 Section 179 Deduction for equipment purchases.

Forklift Lease Benefits

To remain competitive, our customers who take advantage of our leasing options avoid getting stuck with out-of-date equipment that can hurt productivity.

Aerial Lift Basics: Telehandlers

The telehandler is an outdoor lifting machine that is incredibly versatile because of its ability to be fitted with different attachments.

Aerial Lift Basics: The Boom Lift

A boom lift is a type of aerial lift designed for very high jobs. A boom lift is also known as a man lift, basket crane, and cherry picker.

Aerial Lift Basics: Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift is a type of motorized aerial work platform that allows people to gain access to inaccessible areas due to height. Scissor lifts are lightweight, easy to move, and safe.

How Long Will a Forklift Last?

The average lifespan of a forklift is 10,000 hours. It's also important to mention that it's common to see forklifts last more than 20,000 hours from higher-quality brands such as Toyota.

The Most Common Forklift Issues

A broken down forklift can destroy a business’s productivity. We have identified ten common problem areas and ways to prevent them.

Understanding Forklift Capacity

Forklift’s load capacity is an important topic to understand when operating or purchasing new equipment. This article will explain the key points of load capacity to help clear things up.

2019 Toyota Tundra Food Drive

We brought in a small fleet of forklifts to Citizen’s Bank Park to help feed 90,000 people in Philadelphia.

Understanding the Basics of Pallet Racking

Shelving for your warehouse can seem unnecessarily complicated for a very straightforward task. From the immense amount of different names for the same, product to the handful of available styles, it can feel like a whirlwind trying to make an informed decision on the subject.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used Forklift

We laid out everything you need to know when considering buying a used forklift.

Safety Tips for a Safer Workplace

June is National Safety Month, and on June 11th we celebrated National Forklift Safety Day. For us, forklift safety doesn’t just fall on one day, and safety, in general, is a year-round thing, not just one month.

Electric vs. LPG, Which forklift is best for you?

When shopping around for a new or used forklift you’ll be faced with several different options, 4-wheel or 3-wheel, pneumatic or cushion tires, propane or electric?

Stay Safe on the Job During the Rainy Season

Winter has come and gone, and we move on to another season that brings about safety concerns when operating your forklifts outdoors.

Planned Maintenance and Your Forklift

You’ve invested thousands of dollars into your forklifts for the company, and you rely on them daily to get the job done. The last thing you need is for any unnecessary downtime to prevent the job from getting done.

Winter Weather and Your Forklift Tires

Winter is here and we want to make sure your forklift tires are ready to handle the grueling weather. Now the question of is there a specialty tire for your forklift like there is for cars leaves you with the answer of, no.

Winter is Coming, Are Your Lift Trucks Prepared?

With the cold winter months closing in on us, it’s time to make sure your equipment and workers are prepared. The cold takes its toll on everything from the machines to those operating them.

Ports, Rail Yards, No Job is Too Big For Our Trucks

Shipping containers require special equipment to get the job done right and in a timely manner. Toyota’s line of THD (Toyota Heavy Duty) equipment is designed to give you the max lift potential for any types

Welcome to the NEW ToyotaLift Northeast!

A new name, with the same great customer service! Toyotalift Northeast is the new kid on the block, that’s comprised of material handling companies with years of experience providing businesses with top of the line equipment and service.

Safety Refresher

There is no better time than on National Forklift Safety Day for a refresher on forklift safety so without further ado here it is: In this piece, we are going to focus on four main areas where things can go wrong: pedestrians, lifting a load, large-sized loads, and noticing signs of problems before they arise.

Accident? It Wasn’t Me…

Calling all warehouse / operations / service / safety managers! Stop me if this has happened to you before. One of your forklifts is involved in an accident. The product is lost. Racking needs to be replaced. There is mild damage to the forklift. Possibly someone is hurt

What is a Reach Truck?

Reach trucks, the perfect solution for those that need to get down narrow aisles or those who want to make their warehouse more space-efficient by narrowing their aisles. A reach truck can be ridden in while operators stand or can be walked behind.

Forklift Operator Training: Lessen Your Chance of Accidents

Did you know that there are approximately 66,500 accidents involving forklifts every year? Did you know that it was a federal law to have all of your operators certified?

3 Signs It’s Time for New Forklift Tires

This post is about identifying whether or not you need new forklift tires and some signs that maybe a replacement should be in your near future. When discussing forklift tire replacement, one must certainly know what type of tire they have.

Forklift Tire Types

Which forklift tire to use, in the case of pneumatic or cushion is decided for you after you choose whether you need a cushion or pneumatic forklift.

Fleet Management Systems: Empowering Managers!

What don’t fleet management systems provide in terms of safety and managerial assistance? These systems once installed take care of storing the OSHA daily checklist, they control operator access, provide critical event safety shutdowns, and offer detailed interactive reporting.

Fully Stocked Vans: At Your Service

Trying to diagnose a forklift issue over the phone is somewhat like looking into a crystal ball more often than not. That’s why we have an enormous fleet of factory-certified technicians equipped with vans capable of handling a wide range of forklift, aerial lift, or other material handling equipment issues.

Truck Restraints: The Skinny

Truck restraints are a very convenient way to satisfy the OSHA requirement that something prevents trailer creep.

Fleet Management Systems: Improving Your Bottom Line

Think of fleet management systems like your eyes, ears, and authority in action 24/7. They can automatically shut down forklifts being abused, automate the OSHA checklist, capture proof of who is responsible for accidents, and report vital utilization information.

How & When to Water Forklift Batteries

Forklift Battery Maintenance. It’s a chore, but it really is necessary. In today’s age more than ever proper battery watering methods are vital to reaching the full life expectancy of a forklift battery.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Future is Closer Than You Think

Joe Robinson of CSI Material Handling hit the road and headed to our nation’s capital to take in a session of congress focused on the future. It might not have been a session one would be expected considering that statement as it had nothing to do with Russia, North Korea, or the current administration.

Cushion vs. Pneumatic: The Breakdown

There’s a common misnomer in the differences between cushion forklifts and pneumatic forklifts. It isn’t just the tires that are different. The sizes of the forklifts themselves are different too.

Best Practices: Forklift Battery Charging

Forklift battery charging: Simple right? Well, yes and no. Once a proper system is employed, it is fairly simple to keep it going. But the key is designing a proper system, with emphasis on the word proper.

Planned Maintenance Saves Money

While at first, it might seem counter-intuitive to spend money on “well visits” for your forklifts, aerial lifts, and dock levelers, in the long run it a very proactive strategy that saves your business money.

OSHA & It’s Effect on Workplace Safety

Everybody is entitled to a safe workplace. To this end, there was an agency established that oversaw the requirement that employers provide working conditions to their employees that are free of known dangers. The agency responsible for enforcing such regulations is called the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is better known as the OSHA.

How to Know When It’s Time for New Forks for your Forklift

To the average person, a set of forks will look as good as new as long as they haven’t sustained any obvious physical damage. The truth is wear begins the first day of use, and at some point, the forks will need to be replaced.

Does My Facility Need a Stand-Up Forklift?

Learn about the benefits of a stand-up forklift and what applications it is built for.