Automation Guided Vehicles & Robotic Forklifts

Robotic forklifts and other automated warehouse solutions

Automated Guided Vehicles and Robotic Forklifts are changing the way manufacturing facilities and distribution centers view efficiency. These vehicles are a great solution for repetitive tasks, high traffic areas, and places where there is a high-risk for product damage. Toyota provides assistance to help you customize decisions about navigation methods, path selection, traffic control options, and system controls. Enabling your business to get more done while saving time and money.

  • Vision Guided Vehicles (VGV): These use 3D modeling to build a map of your facility and operate effectively in it. This process can easily be integrated into your existing infrastructure and requires no wire guidance system.
  • Wire, RFID, and Tape AGVs: These wire-guided and similar driverless vehicles follow a specified path generally built into or taped to the floor of the facility.
  • Laser AGVs: Laser AGVs respond to multiple fixed points identified by mounted or integrated laser technology, allowing for a more flexible integration than Wire AGVs.
Automated Forklift Truck

Center-Controlled Rider Automated Forklift

The Toyota 8HBC40A Pallet Truck is changing the way warehouses operate efficiently. This autonomous vehicle is designed to improve throughput and give their owners a dramatic competitive advantage.

  • 8,000 lb. Load Capacity
  • 24v AC Drive System
  • Lidar-Based Navigation
  • Obstacle Detection Sensors
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Up to 5 MPH Travel Speed
  • Full Manual Operated Mode
Robotic Guided Vehicles Tow Tractor

Automated Tow Tractor

The Toyota 8TB50A is a robust automated towing solution. These tow tractors use cutting edge technology to safely transport 10,000 pounds without the need of an operator.

  • 10,000 lb. Towing Capacity
  • 24v AC Drive System
  • Lidar-Based Navigation
  • Manual Mode Button
  • 4 MPH Travel Speed

L- Cart AGV

The L-Cart AGVs are designed to complete repetitive material-handling tasks. The L-Cart will reduce your labor costs and mistakes from human error. This automated solution is powered by a 24-volt DC brushless motor and boasts a capacity of up to 3,500 LBs. The L-Cart will pay you back after just a few years of ownership. The typical ROI is 18 months or less, offsetting labor costs.

  • 1,100 – 3,500 lb. Load Capacity
  • 101 lbf. Maximum Drawbar Pull
  • 24-Volt DC Brushless Motors
  • Guidance: Magentic Tape and RFID tags
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Urethane Drive Wheels
Automated Guided Forklift Cart

Tug-Cart Mouse AGV

The Tug-Cart Mouse AGV is efficient, dependable, and versatile. It’s a cost-effective way to optimize your manufacturing and assembly line processes through automation. The Tug-Cart maneuvers itself under carts and tows effortlessly tows them away.

  • 1,100 – 3,300 lb. Capacity
  • 176 lbf. Maximum Drawbar Pull
  • 24-Volt DC Brushless Motors
  • Fully Customizable Load-Handling Frames
  • Wireless Connectivity
Bastian Solutions

Bastian Solutions Partnership

Toyota Material Handling and Bastian Solutions have partnered so we are able to offer you the best material handling systems integration possible. This is a partnership that is design to support our customers in a new era of material handling

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