Forklift Attachments

To increase efficiency or move non-palletized items, you need to have the best tool for the job. We offer Cascade products so you can get high-quality forklift attachments to handle nearly any situation.

Tips For Making Your Selection:

To choose the right forklift attachment consider a few factors, such as weight of the load. This allows you to purchase fork extensions with the correct lifting capacity, reducing instability. Another important factor is the loads height. Having the wrong height can also increase the risk of tip overs. Here are a three more factors to keep in mind:

  • Application of your forklift
  • Compatibility with your specific lift truck model
  • Maintenance requirements 

Keep in mind adding attachments could affect your forklift performance. For example, the weight of the attachment reduces the forklift capacity. 

Check Out Our Turret Attachments

The Toyota Core Electric Turret Attachment will help overcome the challenges of operating through narrow aisles. This new attachment features a Cascade mast and turret head, offering the ability to stack at 90-degree angles for increased productivity in even the most narrow aisles.

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Cascade Forklift Attachments

Forklift sideshifter attachment


With a Sideshifter, you can shift a load from side to side, reducing handling time and improving maneuverability. Cascade offers capacities available up to 15,000 lbs. This attachment can work well for 3-wheel electric models that improve warehouse efficiency in tighter spaces. 

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Forklift Fork Positioner

Fork Positioners

A Fork Positioner allows operators to move the forks quickly and accurately to fit different pallet sizes without getting out of their seats. You can add this attachment to your pallet jack to increase productivity when handling a diverse set of pallets. 

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Integral Carriage Attachment

Integral Carriages

Provide greater net capacity for loads over 10,000 lbs. because of reduced effective thickness. Consider attaching these to a large IC Pneumatic designed for heavy-duty manufacturing plants.

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Mast Height Extension

Mast Height Extension

The Mast Height Extension increases the lifting height of a forklift. This system is designed to provide additional lift height without having to replace the entire mast.​ This attachment may complement a walkie stacker, which operators use for additional lifting flexibility. 

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Clamps are designed to handle items like baled paper, textiles, cotton, tires, recycling waste, and anything in between. You could add this attachment to any internal combustion lift truck, which is better suited for outdoor environments.

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Carton Clamps

Carton Clamps are designed to handle products like paper products, appliances, consumer electronics, wine, packaged foods, chemicals, and plastics. This attachment is good for electric cushion tire forklifts that provide proficiency in warehouse spaces. 

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Paper Roll Clamps

Cascade Paper Roll Clamps meet the paper roll industry’s need for damage-free roll handling while achieving maximum efficiency. These attachments also work well for distribution center forklifts, such as electric. 

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With rotators, you will achieve 360° revolving motion in either direction. You can use this attachment with a counterbalanced forklift, which is suited for warehouse spaces allowing you to quickly dump loads. 

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Multiple Load Handlers

Multiple Load Handlers are engineered to deliver precisely what you need to move more loads faster while minimizing damage. Multiple load handlers. Try this attachment with a large cushion forklift, which is durable and designed for effective operations in warehouses and shipping centers. 

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Fixed Fork Spreader Attachment

Fixed Fork Spreader

Designed for handling wide loads such as trusses, rebar, and pipe. The fixed fork spreader has two additional forks to provide increased stability. These attachments work well with IC forklifts that are ideal for lumber yards and construction sites. 

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Forward Bin Dumper Attachment forklift

Forward Bin Dumper

Forward Bin Bumpers allows you to efficiently dump bins. This attachment has been designed for agricultural, food processing, and manufacturing markets. Consider adding this attachment to an electric forklift, which is ideal for warehouse spaces. 

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Push/Pulls allow you to ship, receive and warehouse unit loads on inexpensive slip sheets rather than pallets. Consider buying this attachment with an electric lift truck best for warehouse operations, such as food processing. Toyota’s core electric forklift is a good choice for increased productivity. 

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Adding an attachment to a forklift will affect the machine’s capacity. Use the Cascade Capacity Calculator to estimate how much an attachment will impact the capacity.