House / operations / service / safety managers! Stop me if this has happened to you before. One of your forklifts is involved in an accident. The product is lost. Racking needs to be replaced. There is mild damage to the forklift. Possibly someone is hurt. 
Accidents do happen in the material handling industry. I don’t think they will ever be completely eradicated but following safety procedures can reduce your risk of contributing to the statistic. To read more about reducing your chances and operator training, click here! When accidents do happen though, accountability is very important. You need to know who was on that forklift, driving when it happened. If the cameras in your facility, if you have cameras. couldn’t capture it and no one is taking accountability, what else can you do to find out? You’re stuck. You must write off the damage, send out an email, or hold a meeting reinforcing safety procedures, etc. Sound familiar? Let me tell you, there is a better way!

Toyota Forklift

Fleet management systems provide managers with many managerial tools, the least of which is not accountability. 


Operators will have access to material handling equipment granted to them by scanning their badge over the fleet management module which gets attached to the equipment. If there is an incident as described above, managers get notified right away and the equipment will be shut down until a manager comes down and assesses the situation (unless you prefer the equipment to stay running). You will also know what every operator’s average speed is, how long their equipment remains idle per shift, and where in your facility their equipment is in real-time.

Automate the OSHA Checklist

You can have your pre-shift inspection automated and stored digitally for your convenience. You can opt for a standard or customized questions for the pre-shift inspections and this can vary by equipment type if desired. No more storing paper!

Fleet Wide Data

The value of fleet-wide data from an operations standpoint is extreme. Managers can see fleet-wide information such as utilization, speed, impacts, downtime, and more can help managers optimize their operations. If you are interested in learning more please contact us today!